Even before reading the book you can get an insight into the core message of ‘One More’, by Ed Mylett.

In all you do towards your goals, if you strive even for just ‘one more’, this will lead to extraordinary results – one more push-up, one more page to read, one more person ] to talk about your business.

Besides this core idea, let me take you through 3 other ideas that I found really useful and they might help you expand your perspective, too.

You’re motivated to make a move when you don’t tolerate the results you’re getting.

Simple as that. If you’re ok with the way you’re living, with how everything turns out in your life, why would you change? This being said, if you want to improve something, you don’t need to wait until things hurt. You can strive every day to improve only 1%. To put yourself in this mindset, the easiest way is to make a shift at the identity level.

Updating your identity 1% more

Ed proposes 3 small habits everyone can do to update their identity 1% more:

  1. Faith – spend the first minutes of the day, believing that you’re┬áhere to do something great. If you’re religious, you can connect to the divine who brought you here to bring your gifts into this world. If you’re not religious, remember the constant evolution of the human over time – one you’re part of.
  2. Intention – imagine the great things you want to do in your life. Project into them, feel them. Spend a few minutes into visualisation.
  3. Association – spend more time interacting with people who do things you admire. The more you do it, you’ll also enter into that mindset and you see proof that amazing things are possible.

Time altering: 6 hour day split

Last but not least, another powerful idea I found is the 6-hour day split.

Most of us see one day = 24 hours. But Ed turns this around and looks at every 6 hours being a day:

  • Day 1: 6 AM – 12 PM
  • Day 2: 1 PM – 6 PM
  • Day 3: 7 PM – 12 AM

Seeing your time this way helps with seeing the day in sprints, so you can have (if you want) separate goals for each smaller day. It also can help with the energy management as well, cause you can split the type of work based on your focus and energy.

Seeing more days on a regular day can help from a psychological perspective. In my case, this makes me more organised and more motivated to get on with things that are important to me but I’ve delayed for different reasons.

Do I recommend ‘One More’, by Ed Mylett? Definitely. You will get at least a dozen of actionable ideas, and more than that, you for sure will get a boost, Ed choosing carefully the words that can spark the most impact within.