“Whenever you panic you’re dancing on somebody else’s music.”

I love shorter books because they tend to be straight to the point, I can read them faster and I actually get some valuable ideas that last longer. I also feel great afterward just because I finished them and they don’t end into a pile of unread books. Plus, there’s always the option to reread them – next time I’ll probably do it even faster.

I also think some books come to you when you’re ready for them. Did it ever happen to have books in your library for some time, you tried to read them but couldn’t go much further? Then, at some point, you pick it up, you love it, and ask yourself – why haven’t you finished it earlier? It happened to me for sure with a few books. 

One of those books is Dragos Roua’s book. ‘100 Ways To Screw Up Your Life‘. Maybe what put me off in the past was the title. Probably my mind was telling me ‘c’mon mate, I can tell you probably 1000 ways to screw it up’, why do you need to read a book about it?

Contrary to those stories in my mind, the book is actually really insightful.

Firstly, because it’s a reminder of what is dragging us down and what shall we avoid doing learn from and move over. Everything is written in a structured way, with very digestible content. 

Secondly, because it’s from an external person, which already means that we’re not alone in shit. I bet that both you and me when we hit the fan, we tend initially to think ‘why is this happening to me?’ and that we’re the only ones having a bad day, while everyone is having the time of their lives (especially if you open Instagram, Facebook and other social media).

Thirdly, this ‘external person’ is Dragos Roua. You may now have met him already but you still have time – he has even a website. Probably he started it way before I knew what blogging is. He’s actually one of the most inspiring and no-bullshit entrepreneurs/people/geeks I know, who changed the lives of so many people just by bringing them together and making them share their dreams, and pushing them to take some action. He sometimes takes crazy challenges like running ultramarathons or walking/ running Caminos on the warmest days of the year. While other people become more grumpy over the years, he managed to sharpen his sense of humour, and even though this short book is written in 2010, you get all this vibe in it and it’ll get you movin’ – or writing (this article is the proof).

Last but not least, I find this book rather optimistic than pessimistic. I am sure you’ll find yourself in this book as it’s a story about being human, in the end. 

Coming back to the content, here are some snippets I’m processing:

Regrets are thieves of time. […] Giving in to regrets it’s like opening the door to a thief and invite him to take away your time.

(from chapter 1. Regret Stuff)

“The worst part is that once we settle in an uncomfortable place, we have a very hard time getting over it. […] Staying too long in a job you hate will make permanent damage to your self-esteem.

(from chapter 22. Be Stuck in a Job You Hate)

At some point, in your life, you will meet the trolls. People who live to disagree no matter what. People who make a living by talking bad about other people. If you’re up to something in your life, they will spot you.”

(from chapter 45. Feed the Trolls)

Envy is a form of worship: only instead of praising its object it’s diminishing its performer.”

(from chapter 77. Envy)

“Pain is unavoidable. But suffering is optional. […] The difference between pain and suffering is that suffering keeps you going in the wrong direction. Although you had your lesson and you should change course, suffering is attaching you to those painful events and is blocking you there.

(from chapter 96. Give in To Pain)

“Whenever you panic you’re dancing on somebody else’s music, not yours.”  

(from chapter 99. Panic)

Some of those insights might spark something within you or maybe they won’t because you have different challenges in your life right now. 

Whatever the case, I do hope you choose to go consciously through time, that you continue learning in any shape and form and you celebrate yourself – even for reading this post – I added some good vibe which I wanted to reach you.

Until next time,